The Gut


The Gut Conservation Area is a 400 acre site located on South Lake Road, east of Apsley Ontario.  The “Gut” is a gorge around 30 meters high, through which Crowe River flows for approximately 230 meters.  The water levels vary, but in any season it is a beautiful site.  The conservation area has walking trails, a lookout, and a stairway down to the gorge.  The Conservation Area features a parking lot, walking trails, a look-out, and the previously mentioned stairway that takes you down to the gorge.

The Gut Conservation Area

There is a 5.3 km loop trail, which is considered moderately challenging and takes an average of 1 h 34 min to complete. There is free parking available near the trailhead, but it is on a steep hill. The first section of the trai is unmarked but easy to follow. After reaching the falls and connecting to Gut Trail, the path becomes more rugged and has many fallen trees. The ground can be slippery, so it is advisable to wear hiking boots.

This trail is suitable for cross-country skiing, hiking, and snowshoeing and is open year-round. It is a peaceful place that is unlikely to be crowded, and dogs on leashes are welcome. Explore this beautiful trail anytime and enjoy the solitude it offers.

The Gut Conservation Area

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