Kamaniskeg Lake


Kamaniskeg Lake is a beautiful large lake, located in the Madawaska Valley, approx an hour North of Bancroft. It offers about 90 km of boating, as it is connected to the Madawaska River. The lake itself is approx 7200 acres in size with a maximum depth of 133 feet. Fish species include Lake Trout, Pickerel, Small Mouth Bass and Northern Pike. The town of Barry’s Bay is at the northern end of Kamaniskeg Lake, and Combermere is at the south.

Interesting fact: If you like scuba diving, you may want to visit the wreck of the Mayflower. A paddle-ship which sank in 1912. The wreck site is on the north side of the two islands, about 500 yards from the large island heading towards the section of the lake heading to Barry’s bay. It is usually marked by a white floating jug, and at a depth of about 25 feet to the bottom.