Paudash Lake


Paudash Lake is located in Highlands East.  Paudash Lake is about 755 hectares in surface area with a maximum depth of about 46 meters. There is 15% crown land surrounding the lake and fish species include Lake Trout, bass and Walleye.  Please also see Lower Paudash Lake

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  • Douglas Lloyd Whitesell Reply

    In 1948 – 1952 we moved to the area when dad (Ted Bunt) married my mom. We lived with my grandfather (Mahlon Halstead) on Lower Harding Lake. A hunting cabin owned by Elmer Wahl or Wall was our home one winter. Rich Watson’s farm was another and dad hiked from our home into a mining area to pack out some Feld Spar Crystal samples. He also worked on a fire tower above Eels Lake. I believe he worked for Rich Watson in Bancroft or Apsley. One winter his 1929 Essex truck (cut down with flat deck) would not start so he hiked 9 miles to town with a tobogan to bring back groceries for the family. It was my introduction to hard times and not knowing it at six years old.

    April 2, 2023 at 11:09 am
  • Douglas Lloyd Whitesell Reply

    #2….. The Petersons and Ogilvies were our neighbours and Ned Peterson had foot badly cut in the bush when a tree they were falling wouldn’t fall. Dad would take us to Paudash Lake Store for gas on Saturday and fill the tank on the 1929 Essex for 2.00 dollars and a six cent coke in the green bottle was our treat. Dr Lumb was our family doctor in Bancroft who pulled my first tooth. That was the life right after “The War”. Rabbit, ground hog, squirrel, bear and deer were frequent palletable fare when cooked with grave and potatoes. I can still see the Dog Tooth Violets, little Purple Violets, Trilliums, Wild Straw Berries, Black Berries, currents, blue berries and Winter Green berries. They were yummy right off the bushes. One night I remember walking home from Brough Lake Lodge with dad carrying my sister on his shoulders. It was cold and snowy and little tired me fell behind a little. Dad said something about bears and I caught up pretty fast. Another time the wolf howels prompted a pretty fast catch up too.

    April 2, 2023 at 11:26 am

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