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Why Advertise on 

  1. Targeted audience: If you have a business or product that is particularly relevant to the Bancroft area, advertising on can be an effective way to reach a local, targeted audience. With over 100,000 visitors annually is the premiere site for local and out of town visitors. 
  1. Reputation: In 2002 we started to give back to the community.  Advertising on a reputable website like can help to enhance the reputation of your business or product.  It shows that you are a local business that supports other local businesses.  A trusted and reliable source of products or services for people in the Bancroft area. 
  1. Cost-effective: Advertising on a local website like can be more cost-effective than advertising on a larger, national website or Paid SE Advertising. This can make it a good option for businesses with limited advertising budgets. 

Advertising on can be an effective way to reach a targeted, local audience and increase the visibility and reputation of your business or product. It is important to carefully consider your advertising goals and budget before deciding whether this is the right option for your business.  Give us a call (613-546-4154) or email to discuss the best options to maximize your advertising dollar. 


Over the last 21+ years we have built trust and credibility with your potential customers.

*Google Retargeting your message allows you to follow visitors that have been to our website, reinforcing your message as they browse the web. It’s an extremely effective way to reinforce your message long after users have left our site.