Provincial Parks


There are over 270 Provincial Parks in Ontario.  Listed below are some around the Bancroft area.

Algonquin Provincial Park

Hwy 60 N
Whitney, Ontario
(705) 633-5572
Visit the Friends of Algonquin website for more information.

Arrowhead Provincial Park
451 Arrowhead Park Rd.
Huntsville, Ontario
(705) 789-5105
Interesting Fact: This park is open year-round and lies in the heart of Muskoka.

Bon Echo Provincial Park
Hwy 41
Cloyne, Ontario
(613) 336-2228
Interesting Fact: Bon Echo Provincial Park is renowned for Mazinaw Rock, which features over 260 native pictographs.

Egan Chute Provincial Park
Hwy 28 E
Bancroft, Ontario
(613) 339-2807
Interesting Fact: This park is located only about 15km from Bancroft.  However, there are no visitor facilities and you will need to walk down an non-maintained road to reach the waterfalls.  But worth the trip in our opinion!

Lake St. Peter Provincial Park
Hwy 127
Bancroft, Ontario
(613) 338-5312
Interesting Fact: Lake St. Peter Provincial Park has a wonderful lookout, that can be reached via one of two trails.

Petroglyphs Provincial Park
2249 Northey’s Bay Rd
Woodview, Ontario
(705) 877-2552
Interesting Fact: Petroglyphs Provincial Park is home to the largest known collection of Aboriginal rock carvings in Canada.

Silent Lake Provincial Park
Hwy 28 S
Bancroft, Ontario
(613) 339-2807
Interesting Fact: A rough trail circles the lake.