The Ultimate S’mores Recipe: Deliciously Gooey and Perfectly Toasted

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S'mores Recipe

The Ultimate S’mores Recipe: Deliciously Gooey and Perfectly Toasted

S’mores are a classic treat enjoyed by people of all ages, and for good reason! There’s nothing quite like the combination of toasty marshmallows, rich chocolate, and crunchy graham crackers. In this recipe, we’ll show you how to make the ultimate deliciously gooey and perfectly toasted s’mores. Whether you’re enjoying a campfire with friends or just want a tasty treat at home, this recipe has you covered.


  • Graham crackers
  • Chocolate bars
  • Marshmallows


  1. Start a fire in a fire pit or grill and let burn until there are some coals. Or preheat your oven to 350°F (180°C).
  2. Break the graham crackers in half so that you have two squares. Place one square on a plate.
  3. Break the chocolate bar into pieces and place them on top of the graham cracker square.
  4. Roast the marshmallows over the fire on a skewer or marshmallow stick until they are golden brown and gooey. Alternatively, you can place the marshmallows on a baking sheet and bake them in the oven for about 5-7 minutes, or until they are puffed and golden brown.
  5. Place the roasted marshmallow ontop fo the chocolate which is already on the graham cracker.
  6. Place the other graham cracker square on top of the marshmallow, pressing down gently to create a sandwich.
  7. Enjoy your s’mores immediately!

Looking for something out of the ordinary?  Here are some recipe variations:

  • Add a slice of banana or a spoonful of peanut butter to the s’mores for a twist on the classic recipe.
  • Use different types of chocolate, such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate to change up the flavor.
  • Try using different types of cookies or crackers in place of the graham crackers, such as chocolate chip, shortbread or chocolate wafers.

I hope you enjoy making and eating these s’mores and spending quality time around the campfire!

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Sarah Smith
Author: Sarah Smith

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