Turtle Crossing


Turtle Crossing Bancroft OntarioEver wonder what the those signs are on the highway with the picture of the turtle? Well, they are turtle crossing signs, and they were put there by a an organization called Turtle S.H.E.L.L. Tortue that was dedicated to the protection of the indigenous turtle. By educating the public on the indigenous turtle species, the hope is a better understanding of how important it is to maintain the nesting areas of the turtles.

Turtles can be seen on roads and highways during their nesting season. They are looking for suitable place to lay their eggs. Because roads border many of our rivers and ponds, the female turtles leave the safety of their homes and make their way to a warm, sunny place free of plant cover to bury their eggs. Sadly, this is often the side of a roadway. Each Spring vehicles take an unbelievably terrible toll on the breeding females. The shell of a turtle is very thin, and if it gets hit by a car, it will not survive. The turtle crossing signs are there to remind drivers to slow down, and take care when driving. We need to protect these valuable species. Some turtles are on the Endangered Species list, and need our help.

The turtle face many dangers, including danger from being hit by cars, bicycles, people throwing rocks at them and flipping them over in the sun. All of these things are devastating for the turtle. If a turtle is put on it’s back in the sun, it will dehydrate and die.

Please slow down and help take care of the indigenous turtle.

Turtles Bancroft Ontario

Want to learn more, visit our FAQ page on the indigenous turtle.

Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre

Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre (home of the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre) is a non-profit, registered charity that operates a hospital for injured wild turtles. Once healed these turtles are released back into their natural habitat. We also do fieldwork & research, education & outreach, and head-start hatchlings to promote healthy turtle populations and stewardship.

Please visit their Facebook Page or website for more information about their organization.

**CALL 705 741-5000 IF YOU HAVE A WILD TURTLE EMERGENCY**   The Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre provides medical and rehabilitative care to Ontario’s native turtles.